Arbitration: The Pros and Cons

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution in which the parties submit their financial issues to a neutral person for resolution outside of the traditional court system. In deciding whether to submit the issues incident to your divorce to arbitration, one should consider the pros and cons. In many cases, the positive aspects of this alternative outweigh the negative. Read More

How Can I Make the Other Party Pay My Counsel Fees?

There are many instances through divorce, support and custody litigation that a party may wish to seek attorneys’ fees against the other party. Pennsylvania law provides many avenues for one party to seek counsel fees against another in a family law action; however, it should be noted that the local courts do not readily grant such awards. Read More

Going to the Chapel and I’m Gonna Get Married… Premarital Tips

So you have picked out the weddings rings, booked the band and confirmed your honeymoon reservations with your travel agent, but have you signed your premarital agreement? Here are some tips you should keep in mind to make sure that your premarital agreement is signed before you get married and hopefully with as little stress as possible. Read More