Cash Flow Available for Support — Not Necessarily Income Reported on Tax Returns

Every year individuals file tax returns reporting the income they earned in the prior year for the purposes of paying their federal and state income taxes. However, a taxpayer’s income as reported on his or her tax return is only a starting point and is not necessarily the income a court will consider in determining a payor’s income available to pay support. Read More

What is My Date of Separation and Why is it Important?

One of the first questions I ask potential divorce clients in an initial consultation is when they separated from their spouse. A client’s date of separation is an important date for their divorce proceedings and it is not always easy to define. Read more here. Read More

Interim Issues for Special Relief During Pendency of Divorce

Often interim issues crop up during the pendency of a divorce case that require the Court’s attention before a final resolution on the economic issues and the entry of a divorce decree. Read more about interim issues for special relief here. Read More

Domestic Violence Incidents Rise with Temperature: Pennsylvania Protection from Abuse Basics

According to many studies, rising temperatures correlate to an increase of aggressive crime, especially domestic violence and non-aggravated assaults – attacks involving no weapon and no serious injury. Read more about Protections from Abuse here. Read More

What to do if your child is abducted by the other parent…

   The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction is an international treaty which establishes a legal framework that is an avenue of recourse when a child has been wrongfully retained in another country, provided that the foreign country is a signatory to the treaty.  The purposes of the Convention are to protect… Read More