Embryo Issues in ‘Modern Family’ Law: Sofia Vergara and More

Assisted reproductive technologies (“ART”) have become increasingly common in our society. Issues involving ART continue to garner news headlines. Just this summer, Modern Family actress, Sofia Vergara, and her ex-fiancé, Nick Loeb, have been in the spotlight as they battle over the frozen embryos they created during the course of their relationship which ended in the Spring of 2014. Read More

Same-Sex Marriage: Now What?

In many respects the decision does not affect Pennsylvania, as same-sex marriage has been permitted here since the Whitewood v. Wolf decision issued on May 20, 2014. But now that marriage equality has reached Pennsylvania, what are the ramifications for attorneys? What should we expect? What should we know? There may be more questions than answers. Read More

My Spouse Cheated – Does it Matter? Ashley Madison & Other Marital Misconduct in Pennsylvania Divorce

In the wake of the Ashley Madison leak and the alleged exposure of the affairs of many spouses who were members of the site, the issues of cheating and other types of marital misconduct are at the forefront of many of our client’s minds. Below is a brief overview as to the impact marital misconduct may have in a family law proceeding. Read More

Sealing the Record: Will a Party’s Private Matters Be Made Public in the Courtroom?

Divorce, support and custody litigation often involve the most private matters in people’s lives: their finances, sexual relationships and matters involving the best interest of their children. However, in most cases, the details of those matters are not necessarily kept private or confidential by the court and are often the subject of hearings that may be open to the public. Read More