New Relocation Law: The Dramatic Change for New Jersey Family Court

The New Jersey Supreme Court stated in its opinion, Bisbing v. Bisbing, 2017 WL 3392717, that there is no longer a presumption that a parent of primary residence (otherwise known as the “primary custodial parent”) can relocate with the children to another jurisdiction over the objection of the other parent. Read More

What to do if your child is abducted by the other parent…

   The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction is an international treaty which establishes a legal framework that is an avenue of recourse when a child has been wrongfully retained in another country, provided that the foreign country is a signatory to the treaty.  The purposes of the Convention are to protect… Read More

To E-mail or Not to E-mail that is the Question

More and more communication is now done with electronic mail, especially when two people don’t love each other anymore and are embroiled in a divorce or custody battle and would prefer not to talk to each other at all, let alone face to face. Here are some e-mail ground rules you should be aware of and follow now that you are a litigant or potential litigant in a family court case. Read More