Pennsylvania Supreme Court Finds Step Parents Have Duty to Support Their Stepchildren After Divorce (Under Certain Circumstances)

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that when a stepparent takes affirmative legal steps to assume the same parental rights as a biological parent, the stepparent likewise assumes parental obligations, such as the payment of child support. Here’s how they came to this decision Read More

Why the Superior Court Deviated from the Guidelines to Substantially Increase This Father’s Child Support

As practitioners, we are often faced with cases where a party, or both parties, have remarried. While it is commonly understood that the new spouse’s income is not income directly available for support, this case reinforces the notion that the other spouse’s income can provide justification for deviation from the guidelines to the extent it makes the payor spouse’s income more available for support. Read More

Sealing the Record: Will a Party’s Private Matters Be Made Public in the Courtroom?

Divorce, support and custody litigation often involve the most private matters in people’s lives: their finances, sexual relationships and matters involving the best interest of their children. However, in most cases, the details of those matters are not necessarily kept private or confidential by the court and are often the subject of hearings that may be open to the public. Read More