Cash Flow Available for Support — Not Necessarily Income Reported on Tax Returns

Every year individuals file tax returns reporting the income they earned in the prior year for the purposes of paying their federal and state income taxes. However, a taxpayer’s income as reported on his or her tax return is only a starting point and is not necessarily the income a court will consider in determining a payor’s income available to pay support. Read More

How Can I Make the Other Party Pay My Counsel Fees?

There are many instances through divorce, support and custody litigation that a party may wish to seek attorneys’ fees against the other party. Pennsylvania law provides many avenues for one party to seek counsel fees against another in a family law action; however, it should be noted that the local courts do not readily grant such awards. Read More

You made it through the holidays and divorce is imminent ….now what?

You took down the tree, packed up the decorations and ornaments and made the last trip to the mall for returns. Things with your spouse have been on rocky ground for a while but you wanted to buck up for the kids and get through the holidays before taking the plunge and filing for divorce. You have now decided you want to end your marriage. You should consider the following… Read More