What is My Date of Separation and Why is it Important?

One of the first questions I ask potential divorce clients in an initial consultation is when they separated from their spouse. A client’s date of separation is an important date for their divorce proceedings and it is not always easy to define. Read more here. Read More

To E-mail or Not to E-mail that is the Question

More and more communication is now done with electronic mail, especially when two people don’t love each other anymore and are embroiled in a divorce or custody battle and would prefer not to talk to each other at all, let alone face to face. Here are some e-mail ground rules you should be aware of and follow now that you are a litigant or potential litigant in a family court case. Read More

You made it through the holidays and divorce is imminent ….now what?

You took down the tree, packed up the decorations and ornaments and made the last trip to the mall for returns. Things with your spouse have been on rocky ground for a while but you wanted to buck up for the kids and get through the holidays before taking the plunge and filing for divorce. You have now decided you want to end your marriage. You should consider the following… Read More